Meeting Schedule
  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
7:00AM C-Dis C-Dis C-Dis C-Dis C-Dis C-Dis
9:00AM           Women's
Noon C-Dis C-Dis C-Dis * O-NC C-Dis
5:30 PM C-Dis C-Dis O-NC C-Dis
6:30 PM O-Speaker
7:30 PM O-NC C-Dis ** Men's C-Dis
(Alt Location)
C-Lit C-Dis O-BB
(Alt Location)
* Childcare available at some Wednesday noon meetings. Call 972-832-0300 to confirm availability.
** Group Conscious Meeting held directly after regular meeting 2nd Tues. of each month.
*** Sat. is open speaker meeting - Last Sat. is "Birthday Celebration".
Schedule Abbreviation Definitions
Abbreviation Definition
O Open meeting; anyone may attend
C Closed meeting; for alcoholics only
NC Newcomer meeting
Dis Discussion meeting
BB Big Book study
SS Step Study
Lit Literature Study